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Caroline Preist


T: 01225 730 153 (DDI)
T: 01225 730 100
M: 07979 856 133

Caroline likes to get property problems sorted out. As the partner heading up the property disputes team she’s handled all aspects of property disputes since she qualified in 1991.

We would like to thank you for the excellent service you gave in dealing with our Right of way dispute. Your intervention was highly effective.
Royds Withy King client

About Caroline

Caroline and the property disputes team are independently recognised and recommended by The Legal 500 UK for property litigation in the south west. She is described as having a ‘good core knowledge of real estate litigation. (The Legal 500 UK). Chambers & Partners UK say she ‘has a wealth of knowledge on contentious property and is described by clients as “a thorough and professional” practitioner’. They also recognise her as a “Leader in her field”.

Caroline joined Royds Withy King in 1998 and formed the property disputes team in 1998. She has wide experience in the entire range of property disputes including;

  • Recovering possession of commercial properties
  • Boundary disputes
  • Party wall problems
  • Access and drainage rights
  • Covenants on leasehold and freehold land
  • Recovering rents, debts, damages and compensation.

Memberships :

The Property Litigation Association
Women in Property

The Legal 500 - The Clients Guide to Law Firms

If you own property, it’s crucially important to protect it. I know that owners dread the thought of any kind of dispute about their property. No two property disputes are ever the same so our practice here is busy and varied which I enjoy. You have to get to grips with property disputes from the owner’s perspective. That not only gives me an endless variety of property litigation work, it also means I have unlimited opportunities to walk property boundaries in the pouring rain! I like my clients to feel that I have done all I can to come up with a practical solution to their problem, but if this has failed we will go to court with the strongest case possible. I like a good fight but not at all costs!

Caroline Preist

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