London solicitors here to help with your spinal negligence claim

Our specialist team of solicitors are here to help you make a claim for a spinal injury as a result of medical negligence. Here's how we can help:
  • Build a team of experts around you, with years of experience with spinal claims
  • Utilise our experience of a wide-range of claims, such as cauda equina and spinal abscess
  • Offer top-tier, independently accredited legal expertise for your claim
  • Help you pay for your claim with no win, no fee funding available

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Helping your spinal injury claim go smoothly

‘Doing all we can to help you provide security for your future’

If you have a spinal injury it can change your life forever. So if someone’s medical negligence caused it, you need to make sure you have an expert solicitor on your side to start working on a spinal injury claim as soon as possible.

Support focused on your needs

Whether your spinal injury has been caused by inadequate treatment or a failure to recognise the seriousness of your situation, we know how to manage a spinal injury compensation claim.

  • Expert help in any situation
    Your spinal injury could have arisen due to failed diagnosis, inadequate surgery or inadequate care following surgery. We have a broad experience of every type of spinal injury compensation claim and can help address your concerns.
  • Specialist advice
    Your situation will of course be unique, but our years of experience in the spinal injury compensation claim arena mean we will have experienced a similar case in the past. Our clinical negligence team have excellent links with leading spinal experts and can call on the best advice available in the field.
  • Funds to help give a better quality of life
    Sadly, your spinal injury may mean you can never return to full health. However, we’ll do all we can to help your spinal injury claim succeed, which could support a better quality of life, as well as deliver security for your future and the highest possible level of independence.

SIA Corporate Partner

As a Corporate Partner of the Spinal Injuries Association and through our sponsorship of their Peer Support Team, we are dedicated to helping rebuild lives following spinal injury.

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