Looking Ahead

In these challenging times our team of experts is sharing guidance on recent and upcoming developments in the Private Client sphere.

The battle for Britney: framed but yet freed.

Why has Britney’s Conservatorship gathered so much attention? Well, it’s a fairly uncommon scenario which has two key ingredients; youth and fame. But what if Britney was a UK resident and the Court of Protection had jurisdiction over her case instead?

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Your property? Your choice?

You’d think that if you own a property, you should be free to leave it to whoever you choose under your Will… right? Well, that’s not always the case. A steady stream of cases continue to arise with non-owners claiming interest in property, joint owners arguing over their share, and cohabiting partners having limited understanding of their rights.

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Powers of Attorney across borders (part 3)

It’s the third and final instalment of our Powers of Attorney miniseries, and in this one we are considering what additional steps can be taken when drafting an English LPA for an internationally connected client.

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