Rhinoplasty compensation claims

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Failed cosmetic nose surgery compensation

The purpose of a rhinoplasty, also referred to as a nose job, is to alter the appearance of either the bridge, tip, or nostril of the nose. A rhinoplasty procedure is a significant operation, and if it goes wrong, you can be left with physical and emotional injuries. You may also require daunting and expensive corrective procedures.

If you have received cosmetic treatment and you are not happy with the result, or you feel that there are some unforeseen complications then you may be able to claim for negligent treatment.

  • Infection

  • Nerve injury

  • Breathing problems

  • Decreased sense of smell/taste

  • Damage to the septum (the divide between two nostrils)

  • Asymmetrical nostrils or contour irregularities caused by removing too much tissue

  • Retracted or hanging columella (the bridge of nose)


Our specialist lawyers will guide you through your claim for negligent rhinoplasty compensation. This may feel like a daunting process, but we are true specialists and our expertise is also externally recognised: the team is ranked in the top tier by both leading Legal Directories (Legal 500 and Chambers). Furthermore, several individual Solicitors within the team are ranked as Leaders in their field. We are also independently accredited by The Law Society, The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA), so you can be sure that your case will have the best chance at success.

If you feel that you have been subjected to negligent treatment, an award of compensation can contribute towards any financial burdens you have suffered or are likely to suffer in the future as a result of the negligence, as well as compensating you for pain and suffering and emotional distress. Please contact us and we will be able to discuss your potential claim further and answer any extra questions you may have.

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I am very happy with not only the outcome but the service and knowledge of Ben Lees. He was courteous and professional throughout, breaking down complex medical and legal issues clearly and concisely. I wouldn't hesitate to use him again or recommend him to anyone requiring expertise in this area.
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No. If the doctor or surgeon worked for an NHS hospital, you will be suing the employing NHS Trust. In the case of a private hospital you will sue the company that owns the private hospital. If you are suing a private consultant, you will sue them personally. In the case of a GP you will also sue them personally, whether they are NHS or private.

Just because your doctor or surgeon has made an apology to you does not necessarily mean his actions were negligent and you will win your case. Aside from any apology, you will need to prove that the doctor owed you a duty of care, that they breached this duty by providing you with unacceptable care, and that this breach caused you injuries that you would not have otherwise suffered.

Not necessarily. The system of litigation and bringing a claim is focussed on compensating losses, rather than on punishing wrongdoing. Regardless of whether you win your case there is no obligation for a doctor, surgeon or dentist to be struck off.

You can, however, make a formal complaint to the General Medical Council or General Dental Council, requesting that they investigate the case. the GMC or GDC will then review your complaint. Ultimately, if they consider that the case warrants a disciplinary hearing, it is possible that the doctor or dentist in question may be punished or struck off. However this is separate from a clinical negligence claim.

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