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How much is your conveyancing likely to cost? 

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London is unique, so are we

We know that buying or selling a property in London can feel like a unique experience. Our London conveyancing department is highly skilled at managing this set of challenges. So with an actual office in the city center and a team of highly trained legal professionals working for you, you know that you are getting access to real lawyers.

So speak to the team that knows this city and its people.

How much will my conveyancing cost?

There can be many uncertainties when buying and selling a home, but we believe that your conveyancing costs should not be one of them. That is why we have developed our conveyancing estimator, to give you a clear and transparent view of how much your conveyancing is likely to cost, and what work it includes.

How long can I expect my conveyancing to take?

There is not a set time frame for the completion of a property sale or purchase. Unsurprisingly it can be accelerated or slowed down by many factors that you are unable to control. Common things that can slow down a sale is being a part of a long chain of other sellers, or if a property is going through probate, after the owner has passed away. When we carry out your conveyancing we will always:

  • Ask you what sort of time scales you want to move to, we can then discuss how we can help to make this possible
  • regularly update you on progress to give you clear expectations
  • let you know what you need to do next and how we can help you achieve it
  • agree in advance a completion target date

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