A statement on #BlackLivesMatter

From Bharat Nahar Partner & Head of Diversity

The recent public outrage in response to the death of George Floyd follows years of racism in our societies.

Many of us have been struggling to process the images of what we have seen. The #BlackLivesMatter movement emanated from events in the United States, but the issue is global, touching people all over the world.

Royds Withy King is strongly committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusivity (ED&I) in our business. I have been appointed as board member to lead this agenda and last year started a new ED&I steering group as part of our drive to improve equality. We now have a committee of colleagues from across the firm with a shared passion for shaping our ED&I journey.

I recognise this is only the start. It is vital that we listen to and learn from our black and ethnic minority colleagues, clients and communities, as well as those representing other minority sectors of society.

We acknowledge that we need to increase the dialogue and to commit to action to ensure our workplace embraces difference. As a firm we wish to show our support for #BlackLivesMatter and use the focus from recent events to bring about further positive change. We commit that this will be the start of a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

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