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When you’ve received medical treatment in hospital that’s gone wrong or led to unexpected complications and injury it is likely to have had a significant impact on your life. If this is the case, our medical negligence solicitors can help obtain you compensation for your injuries and any financial losses.

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If you have suffered an unexpected injury whilst receiving treatment in hospital you will likely have a lot of questions about what happened, as well as trying to deal with the injuries you have suffered and the impact these are having on your life.

Our specialist and dedicated solicitors take the time to get to know you and understand what has happened and how it has affected you to provide you with the best advice for your individual circumstances.

This isn’t just an opportunity for you to seek compensation though, but a chance to find out what went wrong so that it doesn’t happen to other people. We work with leading independent medical experts to advise on the standard of care you received. This helps us to explain where your treatment may have gone wrong and if any complications occurred which should not have, and also to advise if you have suffered avoidable injury as a result.

Claiming for compensation

If the injuries you have suffered as a result of negligent treatment in hospital are affecting your day-to-day life, you can pursue a claim for compensation for your injuries and out of pocket financial losses. Our specialist solicitors will work with you to understand the injuries you have suffered and financial losses you have incurred. This way we can submit a claim for the maximum amount of compensation you deserve, as promptly as possible.

Every client and their claim is unique. However we’ll give you the individual advice, help and support you need to achieve the best results for your situation and as quickly as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

What hospital treatment may lead to a negligence case?

Treatment provided in hospital is very wide-ranging. However if something has gone wrong with your treatment and you have suffered injuries which were unexpected then you may have a claim if the treatment you received was negligent.

Some examples of claims relating to negligent hospital treatment which we have advised on include:

  • Surgical negligence

    This can include carrying out the wrong procedure or causing additional injury during the procedure; retained surgical equipment or swabs causing infections or the need for further surgery to remove the equipment; anaesthetic errors; failing to discuss the potential risks of surgery and any alternative treatment options and therefore failing to obtain your proper consent.

  • Mis-reported x-rays and other radiology

    Including failures to report abnormalities on x-rays or other types of scans, such as fractures or suspicious masses; or failures to communicate abnormalities on scans.

  • Medication errors

    Either being given too much medication (an overdose) or too little medication; or even being given medication by the wrong method.

  • Falls in hospital

    These can occur as a result of failures to support a patient with difficulties moving around in hospital; or failing to properly assess the risk of a patient falling and provide appropriate support, including re-assessing this risk if the patient’s condition changes.

  • Infection/sepsis

    Infections can occur for a variety of reasons, some negligent (for example as a result of poor hygiene/cleanliness) and some non-negligently. If the infection is then not diagnosed and treated promptly, for example due to a failure to note a change in the patient’s condition/observations, then it can develop and become more serious causing damage to internal organs, or potentially fatal.

Can I bring a claim if the treatment was in a private hospital?

Yes, you can bring a claim in relation to either NHS or private treatment. The only difference is that if your treatment was provided privately then the claim may need to be brought against the consultant directly. They and/or the private hospital will most likely be insured.

How long will it take to make a claim against a hospital?

This is difficult to answer because each claim is unique and the timescale will depend on number of different factors. As a general rule it is likely to take in the region of two years to conclude, but can be quicker or longer than this in some cases.

What is the deadline for making a claim?

In England and Wales you have three years to commence a claim either from the date of the negligent medical treatment, or from the date you became aware that there may have been negligence, whichever is the later. Establishing when the three year time limit starts from can be complex and therefore it is important to seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity. Failing to commence Court proceedings within three years can leave your claim out of time.

There are different rules for children, who can commence court proceedings at any time up until their 21st birthday.

How much compensation will I receive?

Compensation amounts are unique to each claim and your particular circumstances. You are entitled to claim compensation for your injuries (known as general damages) and also any out of pocket financial losses, such as loss of earnings, treatment expenses, and travel expenses. We will discuss with you the impact of your injuries and what losses you can claim for and ensure that your claim is maximised.

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