September 25, 2020

World Lung Day – 25 September 2020

With so many different types of respiratory diseases, it is important for those who suffer with them, to be able to understand how they can treat them and how to look after themselves generally.   The Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS) is a unifying voice that promotes better lung health throughout the world and comprises of the world’s leading respiratory societies.

Whilst the FIRS work continuously throughout the year, one of the most important dates in its calendar is World Lung Day. World Lung Day is a an opportunity for us to embrace the work of the FIRS by uniting together to promote better lung health globally and to get involved in sharing awareness of lung conditions.

Each year World Lung Day is held on 25 September and each year holds a different theme. 2019 promoted the need for patients to receive the treatment they need even in financial hardship and this year’s theme is respiratory infections.

Respiratory infections can affect the upper airways such as your nose and throat, but they can also affect the lower airways and lungs. Tuberculous is one of the deadliest respiratory infections with 1.5 million dying from it each year. Covid-19 is also another form of respiratory disease, which considering its pandemic criteria, it is especially important to recognise and support the FIRS in its mission to raise awareness on World Lung Day about the importance of staying safe and how to prevent the spread of such infections.

Anyone and everyone are invited to get involved with World Lung Day and there are lots of features, articles and posters on the FIRS’ website that are free to access and use. For example, there is a World Lung Day Toolkit which contains various articles on respiratory conditions as well as downloadable pictures and details of the FIRS’ social media profiles.  There are also posters detailing various respiratory information that we are encouraged to share amongst others on or around World Lung Day.

World Lung Day also encourages people to pledge something to do for themselves. For example, to walk more to make cleaner air or to stop smoking.  The FIRS will even make your own pledge poster for you to use how you please, to support the good cause.

For anyone wishing to get involved in promoting world lung heath, take a look at the FIRS website. It is a great opportunity to “do your bit” in raising awareness for such a great cause, which quite often is overlooked, in comparison to other health conditions.

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