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If you have received notification from the Care Quality Commission, it is vital that you act quickly.

Contact our specialist team of CQC defense lawyers right now for a no obligation consultation, and begin the process of defending your business against any further action. We can help you with all action from the CQC, from warnings, to notices, and embargoes. Contact us now or read more about how we can offer legal advice.

We can help you with all these CQC actions and more

Challenging a CQC notice

Helping to appeal refused registration

Challenging notice of proposal to cancel registration

Legal advice for Special Measures

Challenging a CQC Warning Notice

Challenging CQC embargoes

Challenging CQC inspection reports and reviewing ratings

Successful registration as a care provider or manager

You need to act quickly

The importance of acting quickly cannot be stressed enough. If you have been notified by the CQC and you wish to take action it is vital that you contact a legal expert quickly. Further delay can significantly impede your chances of success.

If you contact our specialist CQC lawyers we can immediately put in place a plan of action that can help you to get the resolution you need.

Royds Withy King are CQC experts

When you contact Royds Withy King our CQC experts will take the time to understand your situation and go through your options in a no obligation conversation.

If you wish to proceed we can start the process of responding to the CQC on your behalf; with a clear strategy that seeks get you back in control of the situation, and with an outcome that helps you move forward.

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