Seminar for physiotherapists, occupational therapists and case managers - Oxford

We are delighted to invite physiotherapists, occupational therapists and case managers to a seminar that will explore the specialist medical and legal input required to ensure the best therapeutic outcome for patients and clients, both during and after the litigation process.

Our speakers will be Wendy Murphy, State Registered Physiotherapist and lecturer and Tracy Norris-Evans, head of Personal Injury at Royds Withy King, who between them will cover such topics as assessing the need for specialist equipment and therapy and funding the recommendations, specifically postural care and supported seating for adults and children: demonstrating the value of the multi-disciplinary team around the injured person, both in the short and long term.


Wendy Murphy is a chartered physiotherapist and has an MSc in Evidence Based Health Care from The University of Oxford.  She is an experienced practitioner in the field of paediatric and adult disability arising from neurological dysfunction.  She has 30 years of experience in assessing the needs of disabled people for the purposes of preparing Expert Witness medico-legal physiotherapy reports.

Tracy Norris-Evans is a senior partner and highly experienced litigation solicitor, having specialised since 1989 in representing claimants with complex and life changing injuries. She is also a professional deputy and trustee, lead director of Withy King Trust Corporation and provides expert reports for the Court on the lifetime costs of deputyship. Tracy is a recognised leader in the field of both personal injury and clinical negligence, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Synopsis of talks

Wendy Murphy will give a broad overview of her role as an expert witness physiotherapist. She will outline the assessment process and discuss how to evaluate the ‘data’ collected from the assessment to produce a medico-legal report for the Court.  She will put particular emphasis on assessing for, and recommending, equipment such as special seating, standing frames and lying supports.

Tracy Norris-Evans will outline the role played by the specialist personal injury solicitor in ensuring that the injured person receives both the optimum level of compensation and has lifelong funds by:

(1) liaising with the expert therapists and the implementation of therapies supported by expert medico-legal reporting;

(2) investing the award post settlement to ensure that the needs are met and funded;

(3) continuing to work with the multidisciplinary team to monitor the efficacy of the therapeutic regime and equipment and to adapt the provision accordingly.

With reference to case studies, Tracy will discuss the importance of working closely with physiotherapists, occupational therapists and case managers and how essential this is in ensuring that the Court is provided with the best understanding of the individual’s often complex needs, whether they be for treatment, equipment, care or accommodation.

Event details

Venue: Royds Withy King office, North Bailey House, New Inn Hall Street, Oxford OX1 2EA

Date & timings: Thursday 6 September 2018, 5.45pm – 8.00pm

Cost: Free to attend

To book your free place or register your interest please contact our team:

01225 459 911