Legal information on Coronavirus Real Estate sector

Legal advice for the Real Estate sector during Coronavirus outbreak

The Coronavirus has created an environment of great uncertainty for businesses around the world. Our Real Estate lawyers have put together a collection of guides and information to help you and your business navigate these fast moving challenges.

You can find lots of information below. Alternatively you can contact us directly via our dedicated email or by calling our central number 0800 923 2073 where you will be directed towards a specialist lawyer.

What you need to know

Contact a specialist Real Estate lawyer

Our Real Estate lawyers can help you deal with the many property issues arising from Coronavirus.

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What the forfeiture moratorium is and is not

All commercial leases contain ‘forfeiture’ provisions which allow a landlord to terminate a tenant’s lease

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Coronavirus and your tenants: a commercial landlor...

Government guidance for landlords is very much geared toward protecting tenants who cannot pay their rent.

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Rent options for landlords

The effects of the Coronavirus crisis on commercial property occupancy have been nothing short of seismic.

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Beyond the forfeiture moratorium: reinstating your...

As a commercial tenant, you’re safe – for now. However, the forfeiture moratorium is not a rental holiday.

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