Contracts and disputes

Resolving contracts and disputes during Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has created an environment of great uncertainty for businesses around the world. Our Dispute resolution lawyers have put together a collection of guides and information to help you and your business navigate these fast moving challenges.

You can find lots of information below. Alternatively you can contact us directly via our dedicated email or by calling our central number 0800 923 2073 where you will be directed towards a specialist lawyer.

What you need to know

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Coronavirus and intellectual property

IP offices throughout Europe and the rest of the world are adapting their procedures.

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Business interruption insurance

Will your insurance policies cover some of the losses you may face?

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Considerations for your contracts

If your business is being disrupted by the Coronavirus outbreak, it is important you review your commercial contracts.

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The impact on financial health

What steps people may take to protect themselves and what this may mean for the insolvency sector.

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Arbitration and video conferencing

The Coronavirus pandemic, presents a new challenge for courts and tribunals - one that video conferencing could solve.

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Demanding payment during Coronavirus

Since Coronavirus you may have noticed that people aren’t paying their invoices, can you still demand payment?

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COVID-19 and your contracts

Force majeure is a contractual concept that protects a party from the consequences of failing to perform part (or all) of a contract.

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Courts and Tribunals during the coronavirus outbre...

Whether you are a claimant, a defendant, a witness or even a juror, attending courts has changed with the systems adapting to lockdown....

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