Get legal help to challenge a will

We have an expert team who can help you to contest a Will with sensitivity and tact.

Get legal help to successfully challenge a will

You may be concerned that a Will left by a loved one doesn’t truly reflect what they would have wanted, or that the Will was written during a time of mental fragility.

There are many reasons why you might need expert help to contest a Will, and as experts in contesting Wills, we are here to answer your questions and help you understand what you can do.

  • The Will might not be valid

    To be valid, a Will must be in writing, be signed by the person making it, and be witnessed and signed by two other people. If you think a loved one’s Will doesn’t meet these criteria, then it might not be valid. There are other reasons why Wills might be declared invalid as well – our team can listen to your concerns and give you expert advice.

  • There was mental incapacity when the Will was written or amended

    If a loved one suffers from dementia or some other illness affecting their mental ability, they might not be able to make decisions about their own affairs. If they made a Will during this time, you have every right to be worried. We can make investigations into their mental capacity at the time and provide you with advice about contesting the Will.

  • You feel someone was exerting undue influence

    You might feel that someone put undue pressure on a loved one when they were making their Will. If so, you want to be sure that person doesn’t affect your own inheritance. Cases of undue influence can be difficult to prove, but we can look into your case to see if it is worth taking further.

  • Your loved one might not have known what they were signing

    It’s all too easy to sign something without reading it properly. You may believe that your loved one signed a Will without fully understanding the contents or whom it benefits or excludes.

These are just some of the reasons why a person may wish to seek advice on concerning a Will. If you are still unsure you can contact a member of our team, or alternatively you can read more about contesting a Will on our guide page.

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