Why Wiltshire? A trainee’s view

We have recently opened up a training contract for our Swindon offices to support the growth and opportunity for Royds Withy King in the Wiltshire region. We asked our first Wiltshire trainee, Abby Spittle, why she is excited about starting her legal career in Swindon.

The Opportunities

What do Nationwide, Intel, BMW, National Trust, the UK Space Agency and Royds Withy King all have in common? They are all based in Swindon! Our Wiltshire offices are surrounded by many large companies and areas which are home to numerous high net worth individuals. There’s been a lot of investment in the area recently and Wiltshire is becoming an increasingly attractive place to live and work.

As a trainee in Wiltshire, I’m excited about the prospect of working with some excellent clients. We are one of the fasted growing and largest law firms in Wiltshire and we already work with a number of high street names. The diversity of Swindon’s client base means you develop practical skills in terms of delivering for a specific client’s needs. Knowledge of the law is of course extremely important, but an awareness of its impact on a particular person or business and how their circumstances might dictate the management of a matter is equally necessary to ensure the highest standard of client care. The Swindon team recognises this and we look to remain ahead of the curve by hosting cultural events and celebrations (for example Diwali) for our clients to maximise inclusivity and demonstrate a willingness to go that extra mile.

Swindon on the map

Regional Hub

Working in the centre of Swindon offers very exciting opportunities to trainees, not least because we are the mid-point of all the offices. As the geographical heart of the firm, Royds Withy King’s senior team meet in Swindon each month for the Management Executive Meeting. This means I have a unique opportunity to meet and network with our Business Managers and Directors regularly.

The Swindon Vibe

I have been made to feel very welcome in the office as everyone is really approachable and happy to answer any query, however small.  It feels like a tight knit community here with plenty of opportunity to socialise (Friday lunches and after work drinks are a regular occurrence!) There is a strong sense of team spirit within each department and I feel lucky and excited to be a part of it.


Whilst working in Swindon, I continue to live in Bristol. It’s a surprisingly easy commute! The firm’s insistence on a healthy work-life balance means I never feel pressured to work beyond my contracted hours and am therefore able to continue my social life at home in Bristol. That is, when I am not attending a social or business development event organised by the office!

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