The Royds Withy King guide to securing a legal training contract

When you are applying for a legal training contract there are many different pieces of advice out there. But sometimes all this advice can be a little conflicting, not to mention overwhelming.

That’s why some of our trainees have used their experience to create a simple guide to help you understand what is required from you at each stage of the application process. Whether that’s how to stand out from the crowd at a careers fair, all the way through to impressing at your final interview.

Here at Royds Withy King we like to do things a little differently, so if you choose to train or do work experience with us, we hope our guides will help you feel prepared, as well as giving you a sense of who we are, and the type of person that will do well working here.

How to impress at a law fair?

Getting noticed at a law fair can feel like a highly competitive and stressful experience. However, it’s always worth remembering that going to a law fair is not just about showing that you are right for the firm, but also about questioning whether that firm is right for you. Our guide will help you impress at a law fair, whilst helping you to make some important decisions.

how to impress at a law fair




How to make the most of your legal work experience

When you are on work experience you have a few weeks or even days to impress, whilst absorbing as much information as you can. Legal work experience can also help you secure a training contract so making the most of your time is vital.

how make the most of work experience




How to ace your legal contract application

The writing of your application for your legal training contract is one of the most important stages. Get this wrong and the chances are you could be falling over, time and time again at the same hurdle. Our guide should help you think about how you are going to fill out your application to give yourself the best chance of success.

how to ace your legal application




How to stand out at an assessment centre

Getting noticed is easy, getting noticed for the right reasons is less so. Our guide can help you shine during your time at the legal assessment centre and gives you some useful tips on how to stand out from the crowd.

how to stand out at an assessment centre




How to handle your final interview

So you have got to the final stages of the application process, but how do you handle the all important final interview? Read some advice from the lucky people who have been there, and come out the other side.

how to handle your final interview




How to make the most of your training contract

It’s day one of your new training contract, you have an exciting future ahead of you, but how do you make the most of your time at the firm? This guide should help you understand what is expected of you, whilst giving you some pointers as to how to get noticed, grow, learn, and have fun!

how to make the most of your training

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