Employment contracts
Employment contracts

Employment contracts that protect your business.

Employment contracts are at the heart of your relationship with all your staff. If drafted well they can also protect your business and minimise any future risks to it.

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We help ensure that you get your employment contracts right from the outset.

We draft bespoke contracts to protect your specific business interests, and make them appropriate for each level of employee within your business. We can also provide an audit of your existing contractual documentation and recommend updates that could be made to protect your business interests.

Here’s what well drafted bespoke employment contracts can do:

  • ensure compliance with your legal obligation to provide a written statement of terms and conditions of employment contracts for staff
  • protect your business’s confidential information during and after an employee’s employment
  • protect your business’s valuable intellectual property rights created by an employee in the course of their duties
  • protect your relationships with customers, prospective customers and suppliers, and ensure the stability of your workforce after an employee has left your business
  • protect your business during a period of notice by keeping the employee out of the workplace and restricted from taking up new employment
  • prevent disputes with your employees over matters such as pay, bonuses or commission
  •  give you the ability to vary a contract of employment as business needs change, without the need to obtain agreement to the changes from your employees
  • allow you to lawfully recover money from your employees when appropriate.

It pays to take the time to prepare clear and relevant employment contracts. In the long run, they will help you to avoid disputes, give you flexibility when running your business, and ultimately save you time and money.

If you would like further information about what our team of specialist employment lawyers can do to help you protect your business interests then please contact us.

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