Legal advice for Brexit and the uncertain times ahead

The eventual shape of any agreement between the EU and the UK is still to form. However, there are a number of areas that you can start to review now that may help you minimise risk in the future for your business.

A helping hand

Claus Andersen heads up Royds Withy King’s Brexit taskforce and Life Sciences sector team.

Claus has a unique perspective as he originates from Denmark and is now a UK citizen. He has substantial experience in areas including company law, commercial contracts and finance, with a particular emphasis on shareholders agreements.

Claus Andersen head of brexit


“In challenging times, you need advice that is a step ahead of the issues you face. It means you won’t just know where you stand. But where you’re going next. And when you’re likely to get there

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Your free Brexit checklist

At Royds Withy King we make sure that you and your business are going to be ahead of the curve and ready for Brexit. We have asked our heads of department to list some of the key issues they think that businesses will face in the coming month and have compiled this into a free checklist to get you thinking about how to approach the challenges that Brexit will raise.

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Your Brexit timeline

Click the image to view in full. Royds Withy King brexit timeline

Meet our Brexit experts

Immigration & Employment
Helen Murphie

Brexit has caused uncertainty in some work sectors. New immigration rules and visas for workers will impact UKM business.

Helen Murphie

M&A / Foreign Investment
John North

Research shows that since the vote for Britain to leave the EU, domestic deals and inward investment activity has been unaffected. If anything, FDI activity may increase as overseas businesses look to obtain a share of the UK market.

Banking & Finance
Stewart Wilkinson

The British economy relies heavily on the financial sector and the outcome of negotiations with the EU could dramatically change the face of the industry.

Stewart Wilkinson Head of Banking and Finance

Angus Williams

For British agriculture the pressure now, more than ever, is for the industry to review its business operations and structures, so as to ensure that it is as resilient and adaptable as it can be to the inevitable challenges it will face around support payments, trade deals and availability of labour and seasonal works.

Angus Williams


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