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Ahead in Business

In these fast moving and challenging times it is vital that businesses and individuals are able to respond to the latest round of developments quickly.

AiB is a monthly collection of features from our lawyers and content producers who are dedicated to helping businesses adapt and grow through the application of pragmatic and commercial legal advice.

Uber: working out who's a worker

The Supreme Court has found that Uber’s drivers are to be classed as workers and not, as Uber has tried to argue, self-employed contractors. There’s been a lot of commentary in the employment law world with some saying the decision creates “waves and not just ripples” in employment law. But how seismic is the effect of this judgment really?

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Shellfish, ham sandwiches, or court documents: which can you take into the European Union post Brexit?

You may know the answer, but this article by our Dispute Resolution team is worth a read to understand what’s changed when it comes to serving court documents in Europe.

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Is Long Covid a disability under the Equality Act 2010?

Covid sufferers do not always make a quick recovery. It is likely that some people may be affected with Covid-related symptoms long term impacting on their attendance at work or ability to do their job. Could these employees be deemed disabled under the Equality Act 2010?

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Enforcing Restrictive Covenants following an M&A deal

Restrictive covenants are an essential tool for retaining goodwill and value in any business that you are looking to acquire. They are crucial when the seller is intrinsically linked to the business or has the skillset to immediately compete with the business they sold. What do buyers need to know to put in place robust, enforceable restrictions?

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