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In these fast moving and challenging times it is vital that businesses and individuals are able to respond to the latest round of developments quickly.

AiB is a monthly collection of features from our lawyers and content producers who are dedicated to helping businesses adapt and grow through the application of pragmatic and commercial legal advice.

So whose copyright is it anyway?

While employees have been and will likely continue to work from home for some time still, ambiguity will inevitably arise over who ultimately owns intellectual property (IP) they create. Our Employment and IP lawyers look at one case where ownership of IP in software developed by an employee largely from his own home, in his own time, and using his own computer, was called in question.

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What does 'Breathing Space' mean for debt recovery?

Next week, the Government will launch the new Debt Respite Scheme (Breathing Space) which will grant those with problem debt the right to at least 60 days’ protection from creditors. But what does this mean for debt recovery and enforcement?

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I've overpaid an employee - what do I do now?

You may have seen recent headlines involving a hospital employee who skipped work yet received full pay for 15 years. While this is doubtless an extreme occurrence, our Employment lawyers have looked into what you can do when you’ve accidentally overpaid an employee.

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Gambling with your online terms?

Have you ever read the terms and conditions before ticking the box to confirm you agree? Has anyone other than the lawyers who drafted them? This poses a serious question for business: how can terms and conditions be enforced when we know customers are unlikely to read them…

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Webinar for GCs and in-house lawyers: Business skills to maximise your success | 13 May

The next webinar in our series for in-house lawyers focuses on business skills to complement your legal expertise.

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