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Welcome to June’s roundup of legal features hand-picked by us to help you respond to the latest legal developments, address current issues, and keep you Ahead in Business.

'Fire and rehire': what you should be considering as a business

Sometimes making changes to the structure of a business is necessary, particularly in financially testing times like the Covid-19 pandemic. But is ‘fire and rehire’ a valid legal tactic you should be using to reduce costs and change structure? We take a look at the risks and the alternatives you need to consider.

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Can workplace 'banter' cost an employer over £6 million  

Yes it can. Our Employment lawyers examine a recent Employment Tribunal case, where an employee was successful in his claims after sustaining bullying that was dressed up as ‘banter’. The employee is now seeking over £6m in compensation, potentially the largest award ever made to an individual.

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Landlord and tenant debt recovery during the pandemic 

There may still be restrictions on landlords forfeiting leases for non-payment of rent as a result of the Coronavirus Act 2020, but the courts have said that this is no bar on suing for the money. We look at landlord and tenant debt recovery during the pandemic and how the outcome of a recent case is good news for landlords.

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Post-merger integration: Employment and HR - marrying up the terms 

In the latest instalment of our Headroom series on M&A deals, we look at the challenges faced for buyers and employers on the buy side, and point out some common pitfalls and overlooked opportunities around employment contracts that will help smooth an often bumpy transition.

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