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Leading Edge: CESA

Claire Thornber, Founder of CESA, a charity helping those with cauda equina syndrome, explains how and why she is hoping to expand her support through the use of podcasting.

Cauda equina syndrome is a rare but potentially life-changing condition that occurs following compression of and damage to the nerves in the lower spine, and is one which affects people in many different ways.

Every cauda equina syndrome patient is different. Some find sexual dysfunction hard to live with, others bladder and bowel issues. Some would give up everything just to be able to walk unaided again.

A common theme for most people though is relentless neuropathic pain. This gnawing, constant pain often increases at night, and many are subjected to countless nights of poor sleep interrupted by intense burning and cramps.

Sleep interrupted by pain in turn causes chronic fatigue during the day, making everyday tasks almost impossible for some.

During one of the Cauda Equina Syndrome Association (CESA)’s support group meetings we were discussing this issue. A new member highlighted a way they had discovered to cope with these lonely, long nights: listening to podcasts.

We had already started to deliver guided meditation for pain management at our residential workshops and this comment inspired me to combine podcasts with meditation. What better way to deliver pain management courses to those who are stuck at home – especially now!

Pain management is a huge issue for cauda equina patients, many not being referred to pain management clinics after discharge. Often GPs are left to prescribe high doses of strong pain medicine. Drugs like Pregabalin, Fentanyl and Oramorph offer varying and, usually, inadequate degrees of relief for neuropathic pain. None of them is an ideal option.

However we hope that, through our new podcast, we can deliver a bespoke guided meditation programme to help with pain management. Patients can use the podcast to learn the skills needed to control their own pain levels through meditation, empowering them to adjust and find ways to cope with their condition. We have devised mediation specific to neuropathic pain, to alleviate the constant pain whilst at the same time promoting responsibility for personal wellbeing.

We are really excited to start work on this new project and will be launching this in time for our first National Awareness Day for cauda equina syndrome on 1 October.

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