Children who have Erb’s palsy adapt very well, much better than an adult would do if suddenly faced with the same issues, as they have grown up to find their own ways to do things.

However, certain jobs or tasks will be impossible for your child to perform (depending on the extent of the injuries). Often careers in the military or police maybe excluded. There are existing treatments available to help ease your child’s specific difficulties though, and new and improved treatments are being developed all the time, including:

  1. Surgery – This treatment is not life saving, it does not have to be done, but often it offers a benefit. It is often time dependent; meaning you have to make a decision within a time frame, often before 5 or 6 months of age. There are other kinds of surgeries on the shoulder or arm which can be done at any time
  2. CIMT – Constraint Induced Movement Therapy, a form of rehabilitation of the arm and hand to improve function
  3. Physiotherapy – To focus directly on strengthening the ‘core’ and shoulder girdle muscles which can improve postural alignment, range of movement, a reduction in arm length difference and a reduced risk of secondary complications
  1. The development of a drug to help nerve recovery
  2. The development of a new nerve graft with the child’s own cells
  3. Training the body better to improve function and reduce pain

It is difficult to be absolutely sure what treatment is right for your child, and this is why it is important to talk to your treating team and ask questions about what treatment is available to help you make the right decisions for your child.

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