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At some point in our lives, most of us can expect to have to undergo dental treatment, whether it be misdiagnosis, fillings and root canal treatments, or dentures, veneers or dental implants. Unfortunately even the simplest of dental procedures can go wrong and for some, these treatments can turn into a traumatic experience often resulting in pain, suffering and the need for remedial treatment. Pursuing a dental negligence claim can result in compensation which will enable you to pay for treatment required due to substandard treatment and help to ease the pain or suffering you have experienced.

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As the range of dental treatment available develops and expands, patients are seeking more complex procedures to achieve that perfect smile. Unfortunately, this can often result in an increase in sub-standard work, as dentists fail to deliver the standard or treatment their patients deserve and expect. Our specialist team of dental negligence solicitors have been winning cases for clients for over a decade, and will ensure that we secure a successful outcome for your dental negligence claim.

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    If your dental treatment has resulted in substandard treatment, such as unnecessary extractions, poor root canal fillings, ill-fitting crowns or bridgework, or even a missed gum disease diagnosis, we will know how to manage your claim. Our dental negligence solicitors and team have the necessary knowledge, experience and expertise to help.
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    You want to know that you are getting the very best service that takes your needs into account. We have a national reputation for our work and represent clients from across the UK in dental negligence claims. We work closely with our dental experts who are also leading Consultants within their field, and will ensure that the best experts are working with us, for you, from the start to finish of your case.
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    It‘s not just an inconvenience to be the victim of sub-standard dental work. It can affect your life in a number of ways. We understand the impact substandard dentistry can have, and as well as advising on dental malpractice, our dental negligence solicitors and team will do all they can to help you get your life back on track.

If you feel that you have received negligent dentistry then please contact us, either by requesting a callback, or simply by picking up the phone. Alternatively, you may find a question is answered in our FAQ section below.

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There are many situations where you may be entitled to seek compensation for negligent dental treatment and you can always contact us if you would like to discuss a potential claim. Some of the more common claims often include negligent cosmetic treatment or undiagnosed periodontal disease.

The most common types of claims against negligent cosmetic dentistry include problems such as:

-Loss of vitality of teeth due to “over-preparation” (the removal of excess tooth enamel)
-Failure to adequately cool the tooth during veneer preparation, leading to loss of strength of the tooth’s substance
-Excessive sensitivity after placement of white composite fillings, or failure of the white fillings
-When your dentist carries out work in too many quadrants of the mouth at any one time, which may lead to a poor outcome.

With regards to missed diagnosis of periodontal disease, dentists should be carrying out regular monitoring of the health of their patients’ gums. Failure to do so may well be negligent.

If periodontal disease is diagnosed, then the patient should be fully warned of the nature of the disease and its risks, and provided with a means of self-prevention. Periodontal treatment should be commenced. If there is no significant improvement a referral should be made to a periodontal specialist.

If patients have received neither treatment or referral , and their condition has deteriorated as a result, there may well be a claim for undiagnosed periodontal disease. If teeth are lost, such a claim may have a high value.

Compensation claims consist of 3 main parts:

-General damages; this is an amount which is designed to compensate you for your pain and suffering. These awards are usually set by the court, by reference to the Judicial College Guidelines.

-Special damages; this largely relates to any financial losses that were incurred from the date of the incident to the date of the trial. For example, any past dental treatment that has been required due to the negligence, or travel costs to various appointments.

-Future losses; this sets to compensate for the losses that you are likely to incur in the future due to your injury. This will include the costs for future treatments as well as travel expenses to appointments required to rectify the results of the negligent treatment.

If making a dental claim against a particular dentist, then that individual has the right to refuse you any future treatment. You may however be treated by a different dentist at the same dental practice. Furthermore, making a claim will not impact on your eligibility to join and visit a different NHS practice.

The process of transferring your treatment elsewhere will not impact on your claim, however if treatment is required then it is important to ensure that it is carried out. Any treatment that is needed as a result of negligence will be included in your claim.

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